Pet sitting options for San Gabriel Valley and Pasadena pet owners

Pet sitting options for San Gabriel Valley and Pasadena pet owners

Inevitably, all pet owners at one point or another will need a pet sitter.  Whether you’re a busy Pasadena dog owner or a  Monrovia family heading out of town, finding a pet sitter is not an easy task.  Here are 2 great articles – the first one helps you determine if you should use a professional and the second helps you on how to choose a professional.

As the owner of a Pasadena pet sitting service, I can tell you there are services that meet all life-styles and budgets.  I generally divide the services into 3 categories – (1) Kennels, (2) In-Home Pet Boarding and (3) Pet Hotels.

(1) Kennels or Vets – generally this option is for budget conscious pet owners.  In order to keep their costs down, kennels and vets will generally cage their visitors and provide group feedings and group walks.  In addition, because they are caged, they are left alone at night with no one watching over them.

(2) In-Home Pet Boarding – this option is for pet owners that want to maintain a pets routine.  Generally, your pet will either stay in your home or will be brought to a sitter’s home.  The service should include a consultation where the sitter should learn everything about your pets daily routine.  Although it costs more than Kennels or Vets, it is easy to see that your pet will receive much more attention as the sitter will see to it that your pets daily routine is maintained.

(3) Pet Hotels – this option is for pet owners that like the In-Home Pet Boarding services but also allows their dogs to socialize in a common area.  Pet hotels are an excellent way for dogs to socialize with other dogs while their owners are away.  My only advice is to make sure you are aware of all charges – some hotels will charge you a separate fee for walking, playing, feeding and providing water for your pets.

Depending on your budget and how you view your pets, I’ve found that one of these three services will fit your needs.  Regardless, I believe it is always a good idea to see them for yourselves and determine which option is best for you and your four-legged family member.  Good luck and please feel free to contact us for more information.

Tammy Ng – Owner Fetch! Pet Care of NW San Gabriel Valley Fetch! is a national provider of pet sitting services.  Please contact us at or 626-768-0387.



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