Pasadena dog park not cutting it? Try Fiesta Island in San Diego!

Pasadena dog park not cutting it?  Try Fiesta Island in San Diego!

As the owner of a Pasadena pet sitting company, I love taking my dog to the Pasadena dog park on weekends.  But sometimes, we all need a little change of scenery.

Although I’ve been to some of the local dog beaches, none compare to Fiesta Island down in San Diego.  It’s a dog park that’s got 3 distinct areas.  There’s the sandy dune area, wide open field area and my personal favorite the beach!  Although my dog Joey generally doesn’t like water, she makes an exception here and does not hesitate to jump right in!

Check out the videos below.  Feel free to email us for directions and the best times to go (traffic can turn this 1 1/2 hour drive into a 3 hour ordeal).

Tammy Ng – Owner Fetch! Pet Care of NW San Gabriel Valley Fetch! is a national provider of pet sitting services.  Please contact us at or 626-768-0387.



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